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Avoiding Repossession

Facing repossession is a serious dilemma. It entails stress, hardship and not to mention fear of what the future will hold. It could involve losing your house, your car or any prized asset that you’ve worked hard to get and keep. A creditor seeks to repossess a debtor’s property (a debtor is the one who owes the debt) when the debtor has not made payments in a given amount of time. It usually starts with warnings, and the creditors can sometimes be forceful and unforgiving when seeking to obtain the property on a secured debt.

In Illinois, you have the ability to retain up to $15,000 of the sale of your property while the rest goes to pay your debts. It’s important to go over your options with us so we can give you the best chance. You don’t need to go through this hardship alone if you have a bankruptcy attorney fighting with you.

Bankruptcy Attorney Helping You with Repossession

At Bizar & Doyle, we have skilled attorneys to help you legally manage through the troubling times of debt, repossession and all that comes with that. By filing for bankruptcy, you are protected against repossession. Once you file with a bankruptcy lawyer, the creditors have to go through the court and are required to stop harassing you with messages or calls.

While bankruptcy can carry a stigma, in present day it is more common than ever. See our “Is Bankruptcy Right For Me?” page to provide some truth on the subject. A common objection is that by filing for bankruptcy, your credit score will go down. While this is true, you must realize that if you’re in such debt that property is getting repossessed, then your credit score is already affected. Why go through the hardship that one faces when constantly harangued by creditors? We have the legal support to help you seek the outcome you need and deserve. You’ve worked hard to get that house and that car. Don’t let them go away without a fight, and get a bankruptcy attorney from our group to help you.

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