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Fighting Foreclosure

Foreclosure Defense Lawyer

Foreclosure on a home occurs after a mortgage agreement has not been kept or payments of a mortgage have been overdue. Usually, the process begins after three months of not paying a mortgage. The time it takes to carry out a foreclosure is extensive and usually takes the better part of a year. For more information on foreclosure law contact a bankruptcy attorney or get information at our foreclosure law page.

Home Foreclosure and Remedies

The first thing to understand when facing a foreclosure is that no one wants to proceed with a foreclosure. For the home owner, it is stressing, to say the least, when faced with the possibility of losing one’s home. Going through the hardship of understanding the laws of foreclosure is a burden. For the mortgage company, it is more paperwork, court dates and extra work. Mortgage companies typically want people to fulfill their mortgages agreements.

There are several ways to avoid foreclosure. The obvious is to make the money that is owed on the mortgage and continue your payments. More often than not, however, one gets behind on mortgage payments because of an unforeseen event such as divorce, family health problems, a death, loss of employment or a major accident.

At Bizar & Doyle, we understand that these things happen and that you should not be at fault because of them. Your hard work in purchasing a house and the upkeep of it should not be wasted. A foreclosure defense attorney from our firm is educated in the field and has experience in addressing foreclosure. Attorney Craig Bizar is also an active member of the Association of Foreclosure Defense Attorneys. Trust us when we tell you that you don’t have to give up, as there may be a viable legal remedy to your situation. You need to work with an attorney knowledgeable and competent in bankruptcy law and who can help you fight foreclosure.

Contact a Foreclosure Defense Lawyer from our firm if you want to fight your foreclosure or if you need legal help in regards to foreclosure.

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