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Filing For Bankruptcy

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At Bizar & Doyle we assist clients with the filing of bankruptcy. When we meet with clients, we review their debt situation to determine their best route to solvency. If negotiation or debt collection defense is the best course, we energetically undertake that action. However, when circumstances dictate, we prepare and file bankruptcy papers on our clients’ behalf and see them through the action. We urge you to contact a bankruptcy attorney for experienced bankruptcy help.

Filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13

Our attorneys our focused on Chapter 7 & Chapter 13 as a means for bankruptcy assistance.

Chapter 7 : This is the chapter for debtors who do not have the means to pay their debts no matter how much time they are given. It can be used by individual debtors or companies wishing to disband. It results in a total discharge of dischargeable debts. The debtor gives up non-exempt property in exchange for the discharge. They may keep secured property such as a car or house if they can keep up the payments.

Chapter 13 : Under this chapter, the debtors receive protection against lawsuits and other collection actions while undertaking a plan to pay off their debts over a 3 to 5 year period. They get to keep their property. At completion of the payment plan, the court gives a discharge of any remaining debts.

Bankruptcy Attorney

At the firm we make every effort to help our clients smoothly through their bankruptcies to a fresh start. We appear with our clients at all court meetings and vigilantly defend their interests. We keep our clients informed of developments, return phone calls and answer questions. Our goal is to see our clients through their bankruptcy actions to a new beginning.

Contact a Bankruptcy Attorney at the firm for guidance in filing bankruptcy.

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