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Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney in Chicago, IL

What is Chapter 13 Bankruptcy and How do I Know if I Qualify?

If you’ve been in debt for more than 3-5 years, it’s likely you can qualify for Chapter 13 bankruptcy. A “means test” is issued before the process begins to determine the severity of your debt and to measure your eligibility, after which you can work with a Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney in Chicago to work through your options. Even though payment arrangements can be made to significantly reduce the percentage of debt you owe, you still need a steady paycheck to qualify for Chapter 13. Though it requires hard work on your part, many clients who work with one of our Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorneys in Chicago admit that all the work is well worth it.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is also a healthy option if you’re worried about losing your home. We know you’ve worked hard to provide for yourself and your family, and your home is the last thing you want to lose during this difficult time. Any hardworking individual can hit a stroke of bad luck, including: tragic accidents that lead to expensive hospital visits, accumulation of debt through divorce or child support expenses, or loss of employment. No matter what difficult circumstances you’re suddenly faced with, don’t hesitate to contact the legal team that knows the ins and outs of Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Chicago. Don’t face these dark days alone, let us help you move forward and salvage everything you can.

How is Chapter 13 Bankuptcy Different from Other Types?

People who file Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Chicago are given the opportunity to pay off more debt and lower the percentage they owe. In order to ensure payment of the debt without overwhelming the individual, a payment schedule is set to accommodate the debtor while making him or her accountable for each payment. Generally people who work with a Chicago Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney to resolve their debt have too many assets to be considered for Chapter 7, or they frankly wish to go in a different direction.

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